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O suspeito do costume, Crítica, PÚBLICO.
Rendition (filme) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.
Um analista questiona sua vida ao presenciar o interrogatório de um acusado de terrorismo.
Rating 4,0 (123.

Rating 6,8/10 (52.873. Eager to please big budget action in the vein of the Bourne or Mission Impossible franchises. A North Korean double agent evades a South Korean triple agent while searching for the true killer of an important government official, who is also responsible for the murder of our hero's family. There's also a secret chemical weapons formula being chased by both sides.
None of this matters, of course, because the story is an excuse for lots of spectacular fight scenes and even more spectacular chase scenes; a quite satisfying amount of cars are damaged in one lengthy chase. Characters speak mostly in exposition as they stare at computer monitors or hold phone conversations. Our hero is somewhat dull and uncomplicated, and one wishes the story was actually focused on the two primary antagonists. who could easily carry their own movie.
Overall solid entertainment in the style of Hollywood action blockbusters.