I can't tell which is much effective, the Tone of the music or this Comment Section, everyone here is just beautiful. This is no longer a K-pop genre. I mean, I can find songs like this in Japanese (anime soundtrack mostly) but I've never heard song like this in Korean. This is gold. Que som tenebroso man, sempre me surpreendo com esses cara.

Love this track, it's so technically right like oldschool trance with some new tricks. Andy765gtr: you are in my mind, the same popped up in my head - beautiful nightmare music. While I am hearing it, I when I wake up I felt a pain in my tell me why I feel tell me. I kinda need a HUGE stereo system and play this :D. Can we talk about how calm and meaningful Jisung's. Open' at the end is. ƬĦƖƧ ǤЄƬ'Ƨ ѦƳ ѲƆƘƧ βѲƲ ƆƖ Ǥ.

I came here more interested in opening my 3rd eye than in healing. This morning I woke up the most refreshed, strong, and happiest I have been in four years. Whether or not this will work for me on opening my 3rd eye, I am grateful for what it has done so far. Time to battle life head-on. Am i the only one that loves jisungs singing parts. Stray Kids are a bunch of talented kids. But these three are really ace of the group ❤️❤️. You must have been, HIGH -Toolfan2019. She is a reptilian under her human body because she's saying to not open your 3rd eye, when you open your 3rd eye you can see reality at it's best (you can see everything and everyone in it's truest identity) and i bet if someone opens his/her 3rd eye he or she is going to see her true identity so if she is a reptilian under a human body, he/she is going to see a reptilian.

All this time Ive been looking for people that can understand me and its in the comments section from people around the world. I have no idea what she's on about. There's absolutely no explanation as to what exactly happened to her. WHO SINGS THE HEAVENLY ADLIBS AT 2:22 AFTER OPEN YOUR EYES. Omg this is too beautiful I cried 😭❤️. 3:26 oMG MINHO'S VOICE SKSLÇKSÇLSK IT'S ONLY ONE LINE BUT IS T-H-E LINE. Zeeeeeeeeeeeee za nje. Omg yes ive been waiting for a 3rd eye lyric vid the only one before this one was a spanish one HAHA i was suffering.

What if a blind person tries to open their 3rd eye? Will they be able to see. I had my first ever deep meditation with this, I though of happy things and could feel pressure on my head.

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3rd EYE
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