Level 1 I swear if Holt signs for less than or similar to Peraza and he isn't on the Red Sox I'm gonna be pissed level 2 Yup So dam stupid. Hes a good player and plays literally every position, but catcher and pitcher. and I bet he would of asked level 1 Blue Jays and utility infielders Name a more iconic duo level 2 Blue Jays and sons of former players. level 2 Jay's fans are obsessed with journeyman infielders level 1 I will root for any team he goes to. For real though I think it's gonna be super interesting to see what kind of deal he gets because of his super utility/bench player status with the Sox. level 2 Hmm, a declaration not a wish. *shrug* Monkey paw twitches. Breaking News: Brock Holt signs one year deal with the Yankees. level 1 For some reason I always feel like Brock Holt owns the Jays. Like if he comes up to bat with RISP, he's guaranteed to hit a bloop single. His. 284. 350. 376 batting line against Toronto isn't particularly imposing, but definitely a tough out. level 1 Im buying his Reds jersey if we dont do this. Everyone buy the Reds jersey if he goes there. I want the Sox to see this reflected in the books Edit: or the Blue Jays Jersey. I dont know why I didnt say that in the first place level 2 I took it as were in the same division level 1 Quite honestly, Im gonna be happy he's gone, but why the fuck are the Red Sox letting him go in favor of Peraza. level 2 Do you often wish to not have all stars on your team? level 1 SIGN HIM NOW DICK DONT LOSE ANOTHER ONE level 1 dont make me cry chris level 1 Totally not prepared for Brockstar donning another uniform. level 1 We should be all over holt. CC and Stearns love versatility and he can play everywhere.

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